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Schutzhund IPO training

Schutzhund IPO is a challenging 3 part sport, obedience, tracking and protection which was originally designed as a breed test for the German Shepherd, and has grown in to a popular sport, as well as continuing to function as a breed test.

All breeds and sizes are welcome to join our IPO SchH Club in Cebu or through our homepage
Primary: IPO Schutzhund Training and Trial. It’s open to all working breeds.
Secondary: Conformation Limited to German Shepherds

Ruben our trainer is a member of the prestigious Unites States Schutzhund 3 Club, and he was inducted in the year of 2000, in honor of those members that have accomplished training and titling dogs from BH to SchH3.

All of his trained GSDs passed their Schutzhund Examinations under both SV and USA judges.

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